Filemail Business

Account designed for medium-sized companies which require multiple user accounts. Receive files from others, integrate on your page and customize the look and feel.

Filemail Business is our most popular account. The main differences compared to the Pro account are that it supports multiple users, you can receive files from anyone and finally you can make the files you send and receive to be available forever.

The typical Filemail Business customer is a company (pretty much in any industry) that needs to both send and receive files from others. Also many choose the Business plan due to the ability to customize and brand the solution to be a part of an existing business workflow (such as delivery/order systems).

Integrating Filemail into your own website is extremely easy! Our API and options to customize JS and CSS make it flexible and powerful.

Upgrade to Business
No speed limits, no file limits

No speed limits, no file limits

With the Business account you can send files of any size and there is no limit to how long your files are stored - you can make them expire after specific amount of time (up to 10 years) or even make them available forever. Each Business user can store files up to 1 TB. If you need more storage space simply upgrade to Enterprise.

With Filemail Business you get blazing fast transfer speeds. We have dedicated fileservers in all regions of the world that are reserved for Business customers.

The UDP File Transfer Acceleration technology built into Filemail Desktop will increase transfer speeds up to 20 times when compared to using a web browser.

Filemail Business - Sign up for an account

Millions of users already did and never looked back

Automatically download received files

Filemail Desktop has the option to automatically download all received files to your computer/server. That way you don't need to do this yourself and wait for downloads to finish.

You can specify how the files should be organized (in folders etc.) in order to keep perfect track of everything.

File integrity is guaranteed by downloading files in chunks that have a hash signature.

This feature is often used by print shops, post production companies and others that receives big files on a daily basis.

Automatically download received files